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Vice-Chairwoman for the National Diversity Coalition for Trump Brunell Donald-Kyei and Democratic strategist Brian Benjamin joined Fox & Friends to discuss the election and the announcement by the FBI that further pertinent Clinton-related emails have been found.

"I'm an attorney and I've been in federal court," Donald-Kyei said, "FBI agents do not [just] reopen cases."

"She is a presidential candidate and she is under investigation--we've got WikiLeaks emails showing corruption," she said.

Reacting to a speech Clinton made Saturday during which she said she is the best candidate to "bring the nation together", Donald-Kyei strongly disagreed:

"Hillary Clinton is running around saying [that], when she and the president have worked so hard over the last eight years to divide the country."

Debating with Benjamin about whether the probe into Clinton's alleged mishandling of classified information has indeed been reopened, she predicted that Comey is currently convening a grand jury against her:

"Get your mouth off that patriot, Comey. I'm so happy that he has decided that the American people are more important than Hillary Clinton. She broke the law, and now she [expects] the Latino vote and the black vote," Donald-Kyei said.

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