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Saturday on Cost of Freedom, Neil Cavuto asked Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson about the presidential race, including yesterday's revelation that the FBI is apparently taking a second look at Hillary Clinton.

"You have a human being-- one Hillary Clinton-- that's decided... that she will get into the redeeming business...stand flat-footed and tell half of America they're irredeemable," Robertson said of Clinton's 'basket of deplorables' remarks last month, "Last time I checked, there's one Redeemer."

"Faith comes from hearing the message-- There's no one in America who is without sin, so who's going to cast the first stone," he said, "Hillary needs to stay out of the redeeming business and Donald Trump needs to change his life."

"Basically, [Trump] is the type we need--he's right on immigration, he's right on beefing-up the military, he's right on the Second Amendment," he said, "Issue after issue policy-wise, I'm in line with Donald Trump... none of his policies are anti-Biblical."

Robertson said Trump, like everyone, is not perfect: "Well, you know, [with] the lewd comments... everybody's redeemable, and there's one Redeemer--and it's not a professional prevaricator like Hillary Clinton."

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