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At a rally in Golden, Colorado, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump surmised that the closed discussion between US Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton on an airplane in Arizona was indeed not about "golf and grandchildren".

Trump said he is one of many Americans who believe that Clinton offered Lynch a re-appointment to her Justice Department post if his wife, Hillary Clinton, is elected president.

"Perhaps," Trump said of the meeting at Sky Harbor Airport, "and of course he said he only talked about golf and the grandchildren--on the airplane for 39 minutes."

"When he went onto the plane, that's what he discussed, just prior to a decision being made," Trump said, as the conversation occurred shortly prior to the FBI not recommending charges against Clinton for mishandling classified information.

"[Bill Clinton] said it was to 'play golf', but he never played--I think it was over 109 degrees out," Trump said, "She's under investigation--the plane just happened to be--he went to play golf [but] its 109 degrees...oh, that's the attorney general--maybe I'll stop."

"I've never had anybody walk off the runway onto my plane," he said," I don't even think it's legal."

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