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Until now there has been a double standard for Hillary Clinton when it comes to the mishandling of classified information, Clayton Morris said on Fox & Friends.

United States Navy sailor Christian Saucier is currently serving one year in federal prison for taking six photographs of a classified area of a submarine.

On the day of one of her scheduled visits, Saucier's mother Kathleen was informed that FBI Director Jim Comey sent a letter to Congress notifying them of the existence of further relevant emails to the Clinton investigation.

"Possibly, justice will be served," she said, "[but] I'm still not convinced there isn't a double standard."

Saucier said she hoped that, through the re-opening of the case, authorities will "hold Hillary Clinton and her staff to the same standards they hold all American patriots in the United States."

She said her son had a positive way of looking at his imprisonment, since his story has been reported in media for some time.

"I thought I stepped up to join the Navy to serve my country, but maybe this is how I'm serving my country-- by raising awareness of the double standard... the same standard as those who want to serve and protect us... as Hillary Clinton wants to [by running for] president."

Clinton is "dangerous to our national security and...unsafe and dangerous to the United States if she were to become president." Mrs. Saucier said.

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