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Washington Times columnist Charles Hurt said Saturday on Fox & Friends that the Hillary Clinton campaign thought they all but had the 2016 presidential race wrapped up, until James Comey sent a letter to Congress informing them they discovered more emails pertinent to their earlier investigation.

In July, Comey announced he would not recommend charges against Clinton for possibly compromising classified information on her private email server.

"[This is] not in the column of helpful things," Hurt told Tucker Carlson.

"They had it in the bag, and of course the thing that she came out and gave her--is that her second press conference in 18 months?-- that's how you know how scared they are."

Clinton allies considered Comey "such a statesman a couple of months ago...they're just stunned."

Hurt said Clinton's Westchester County, N.Y. home as well as that of former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y) and Huma Abedin in Manhattan "should've been raided in the first investigation," he said.

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