A stranded Arizona motorist got some much-needed help from strangers, including Donald Trump Jr. 

The random act of kindness went viral overnight when a video and a picture of Trump's oldest son was posted on Facebook by a local Republican Party official.

The Impala was stalled a few vehicles ahead on a day when temperatures were around 100 degrees in Mesa.

Trump Jr. and others helped push the car off the road and gave the woman water.

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Tyler Bowyer, Millennial Chairman for the Republican Party of Maricopa County, wrote on Facebook: 

This JUST happened in Mesa and THIS is why I'm voting for Trump. We were on our way from a rally to another event and Donald Trump Jr. hopped out first to help push this ladies car off the road, get some water and call for help. On the way back from the rally and filmed the whole thing! Needless to say, she was pretty surprised to find out it was Donald Trump Jr pushing her car.
I will never forget this and it's why I'm proud to be supporting this family! #MAGA

Bowyer told the Arizona Republic that the woman didn't mention who she was going to vote for in a few weeks. He explained that Trump Jr. did not tell the woman his name. 

"I've been around a lot of politicians. Most would just freak out or go around," he said. "But Don Jr. ...  before you can blink, he's out there pushing the car."

Trump Jr. made an appearance at Arizona State University Thursday, where he spoke to students.

"Millennials are coming to Trump they are ready to #draintheswamp and get rid of the politicians that got the country into this mess we are in. They know they will get stuck with the problems," he wrote on Facebook. 

Arizona was considered a lock for Trump, but recent polls have shown a neck-and-neck race. The Clinton campaign has directed resources into the state in recent weeks in the hope of turning it blue.

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