The "undercover" Donald Trump supporter could swing the election to the Republican nominee, campaign manager Kellyanne Conway argued this morning. 

Conway was asked by Bill Hemmer for her take on the overall polling, which has heavily favored Hillary Clinton in recent weeks. However, polls out this week - including from Fox News - show the race tightening. 

Conway said the key number to look at is undecided voters (7% in the Fox News poll), who she argues will end up being Trump voters. 

"Those are our voters. 10 percent are white men and women without a college degree, 13 percent independents, nine percent rural voters. ... They've all decided not to vote for Hillary Clinton. In these closing arguments, Donald Trump will bring them home," said Conway.

She explained that there are a significant number of "undercover" Trump voters across the country who will not admit in polls that they're going to vote for him. 

Conway characterized this set of Americans as people who have voted for Democrats in past elections and people who have decided they definitely will not vote for Clinton but are still questioning whether they can support an "outsider" like Trump. 

"There is not a single hidden Hillary voter in the whole country. They're all accounted for. Her ceiling is about 46 percent," she pointed out. 

Hemmer also brought up a new report that suggests Trump has stopped contributing his own money to the campaign. Conway said that is "not true" and Trump will continue making investments in the campaign.

Trump has pledged to put in $100 million of his own money. He has contributed $56 million so far, AP reports, but just $33,000 this month. 

Asked whether Trump will write a big check today, Conway said, "we'll see what happens."

Watch the full interview above.

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