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Bill O'Reilly analyzed the stunning new developments in the Hillary Clinton email scandal on "The Factor" tonight.

O'Reilly said the FBI's decision to reopen its investigation into Clinton's private email server is "devastating" for her campaign.

"Anything like this erodes enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton," O'Reilly explained. "Her hardcore people are [still] going to vote for her. But we're talking independents and we're talking Democrats who don't particularly like or trust her."

O'Reilly said that drop in enthusiasm means lower voter turnout, and Clinton needs high turnout, particularly in battleground states like Pennsylvania and New Hampshire.

He added that Donald Trump can use this to portray Clinton as "corrupt" and unfit to lead.

"Trump now can run with this for ten days and raise the specter of absolute chaos, if Hillary Clinton's elected and the FBI then finally does convene a grand jury."

Get more reaction from O'Reilly in the video above, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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