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A terrifying tiger attack was caught on tape at a Florida fair and it all happened in front of a group of schoolchildren. 

The tiger attacked the female trainer inside its pen at the Pensacola Interstate Fair on Tuesday. 

The tiger, named Ghandi, latched onto Vicenta Pages' leg and dragged her across the pen. A second trainer frantically beat the tiger over the head with a stick, trying to get him to release Pages' leg. 

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) said that Pages was "bitten and clawed by the tiger, and suffered substantial injuries to her leg."

The scary scene unfolded in front of dozens of children who were on a field trip to the fair. A parent who was with the kids said she immediately told them to look away, fearing that the tiger "was going to tear her apart."

The FWC said the children were never in danger, but some of the parents said that when the second trainer, David Donnert, ran in to help, he left the gate unlocked.

The trainers and fair officials maintain that the tiger was trying to play, not attempting to harm Pages.

Donnert told Alabama's FOX 10 that if the tiger was truly attacking Pages, he would not have let go. Donnert said if they have to give up the tiger, he will be sent to a sanctuary.

See the full YouTube video below.

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