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As Election Day rapidly approaches, most national polls show Hillary Clinton holding a lead over Donald Trump.

New polls in Nevada, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania, however, show that Trump may be narrowing Clinton's lead.

Pollster Chris Anderson joined Brit Hume on "On The Record" tonight to react.

Anderson said that the poll numbers may look promising for Trump, but they also show that the Republican nominee likely has a "hard ceiling" on how much support he can get.

Anderson explained that it's rare to see a poll that has Trump above 44 percent, while it's rare to see one that has Clinton below 44 percent.

"It's starting to look like Trump's ceiling is right around where Clinton's floor is, which is really difficult to overcome," Anderson said.

He added that a "look under the hood" reveals that Trump needs to essentially sweep Clinton with undecided voters and steal support from third party candidates to eliminate the deficit.

Hume summed the the situation that Trump appears to be facing: "It looks possible, at least on paper, but difficult on the ground."

Watch more from "On The Record" above.

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