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Former Dems Now Backing Trump: 'Our Country's Going in the Wrong Direction'

Michael Moore says that he understands why many voters are backing Donald Trump, but he's warning them that the Republican nominee is the most "vile," "disgusting" candidate who's ever run for president of the United States.

On "The Kelly File" tonight, Moore said that the U.S. would be a completely different country after four years of President Trump.

"I understand why you're angry. You have every right to be angry," Moore said to Trump supporters. "The system has failed you, but he is not the solution to this."

He argued that Trump is a "human hand grenade" who promises to blow up Washington, while Hillary Clinton is the candidate who can bring about the change that Americans need.

"We have a choice between somebody who is smart, who has a heart ... and a billionaire who just says these things, trying to pretend that he cares," Moore said.

"You're not going to be  better off with this billionaire who's never spent a day in his life worrying about you, caring about you, doing anything for you."

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