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A Michigan town has voted to ban Syrian refugees from resettling there, claiming the vetting process is not good enough.

The Board of Trustees for Waterford Township voted unanimously (7-0) on Monday night in favor of a resolution stating that their township "will not actively participate in the Refugee Resettlement Program until the Program has been significantly reformed, and until it has been demonstrated that the Townships of Oakland County have the capacity to absorb refugees without diverting funds from needy residents or exposing their residents to unwarranted security risks."

Since officials have no way to prevent a Syrian refugee from moving into the township after the refugee is approved to resettle in the United States, the resolution is largely symbolic.

Sue Camilleri, one of the township's seven trustees, explained on "Fox & Friends" that they wanted to let county, state and federal officials know that they have concerns about the refugees being allowed in the U.S.

"We don't object to the refugees, per se. We just want to be sure those who are allowed in don't have bad intentions," Camilleri said.

She acknowledged the resolution is basically just a "communication device," but she said it was important to make their reservations known.

"It carries no power of law. It's just a way for us to share with our legislators the way that we feel in Waterford."

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