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In the closing days of an eventful election cycle that has lasted roughly 600 days, singer and activist Sheryl Crow spoke to Megyn Kelly about her petition to shorten the election season.

Crow said she was speaking about the idea on a talk show and, afterward, people were asking her how they could associate themselves with her plan.

"We cannot sustain another lengthy slugfest," she wrote on her Change.Org petition, adding that citizens should "ask both the DNC and RNC to reform the process and shorten our election season."

"I think that we're going to have to really be thoughtful about it. Obviously, we have to defend our freedom of speech [as well]," Crow told Kelly.

"If this was an issue on the ballot, I'm sure unanimously, people would vote to not have to go through this again," she said, "Two years of a campaign does not educate anyone...[more than if] it would've been six months [long]."

Crow said Americans must change the political dialogue: "We need to do it for the future of our country and for our kids."

Crow, a Democrat who performed at the 2008 convention in Denver, said that her petition is going to address "one small thing" in a political sphere that has many flaws.

"Our public figures sometimes forget they're representing a massive constituency...and the people that are putting the money in their pockets...they're making the decisions," she said.

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