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Wednesday on Hannity, the host of Justice, Judge Jeanine Pirro, discussed apparent media corruption in regards to the mainstream press' coverage of the presidential race.

The Media Research Center found that, since the July conventions, 91 percent of evening newscast coverage was negative toward Republican Donald Trump.

"It shows that there is an octopus of connnections...all related to power and money," Pirro said.

She pointed to two examples, which included ABC News' George Stephanopoulos--also a former White House Communications Director under Bill Clinton--donating $75,000 to the Clinton campaign "and not admitting it."

"People who are honest are left out...the American public is left out," Pirro said, "Anyone who thinks that a Democrat elected president in the name of Hillary Clinton is going to help you--they're just wrong."

Dr. Monica Crowley, a Fox News contributor who worked for President Richard Nixon said what her former boss did in Watergate was "child's play" in comparison to the case Judge Jeanine was laying out.

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