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Former Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-Ark.) offered a series of fiery criticisms of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on The Kelly File.

Clinton is "surrounded by people who have never told her no," Huckabee said, "Is there any Republican who has breath left who could stand back and let that happen, without doing everything they can to stop it, and the only roadblock to that level of corruption that could forever taint our government is Donald Trump?"

"She lies to Congress...she treats foreign governments like they're a piggy bank for the Clinton Foundation...she violates the law whenever she wants...she uses the government agencies like the FBI and the IRS to go after her own personal opponents."

"I don't think Hillary could give a rip for people who are out there lifting heavy things and getting their hands dirty and greasy--she looks at them..as people she could put in her basket of deplorables.

Huckabee also reacted to a video, taped in front of Trump's new hotel in Washington, in which the daughter of a US veteran confronted anti-American flag protesters who were shouting "[expletive] that flag".

"It just stuns me that somebody who grew up in this country could believe that we were what that latte-sipping idiot could be thinking when she said that...I love this country because I'm living in one of the few places on God's given planet in which a person like me...could live the life I've been able to live."

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