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Wednesday on The Five, Greg Gutfeld took a closer look at the real motives behind criticism from the Left that ObamaCare is an imperfect health care system.

Yesterday, President Obama compared it to a type of smartphone that has had issues with exploding batteries--saying that the law's problems must be rectified.

"Why the Hell would the Democrats admit that ObamaCare is screwed right now?" Gutfeld asked, noting the proximity to Election Day.

"What if it's not about exposing ObamaCare's horrors, but a ploy for expanding it to [a] single-payer [system]-- the liberal fix for arson is always more fire."

"Forced purchase always require more force--it's the socialists' excuse. The idea is sound, we just need to obey more."

Gutfeld called ObamaCare a "trojan horse" for wealth redistribution.

He predicted that the purpose of forcing a flawed system like ObamaCare upon the American people was so that they would clamor for changes to it, that only the government could provide at this point, due to the individual mandate.

"To the Left, we're just children forced to take our medicine--even if it kills us...[Democrats are] countering the [Republican] repeal argument with [the case for ObamaCare's] expansion."

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