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With Election Day rapidly approaching, many polls show Donald Trump has a slight lead over Hillary Clinton in the key battleground state of Ohio.

The Buckeye State went to President Obama in 2012, so if Trump wants to get the state's key 18 electoral votes, he will likely need to sway people who voted Democrat in previous elections.

Daniel Edward Moore and his son Daniel Jonathan Moore are just the kind of Ohio voters Trump is hoping for - they backed Obama and are now vocal Trump supporters.

On "Varney & Co." today, the elder Moore said that he's among the 75 percent of Americans who believe "our country's going in the wrong direction."

"I work at NLMK. It's a Russian-owned steel mill in Farrell, Pennsylvania," Moore said. "Quite a large number of my supervisors and coworkers are supporting Trump."

He explained that Trump is the superior candidate in terms of jobs and the economy, so many union members like himself are supporting him.

The younger Moore added that he's always admired Trump's success and "business sense," which he said our country needs right now.

"He has this sense of what's required for excellence," Moore said. "I think if he can take that to the Oval Office, that would just be great for this country."

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