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Donald Trump has a big advantage on Hillary Clinton when it comes to the "enthusiasm" of his supporters, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said on Special Report.

"It's not enough, carry a plurality [in the polls]," he said, adding that it is "interesting and important that the race has tightened."

Krauthammer reacted to the new Fox News polls showing Clinton with a 3-point lead on Trump, down several points from earlier this month. 

"The seminal event of last month was the release of the Access Hollywood tape...[and the women's] accusations [of misconduct]."

"The bottom dropped out... for the Trump campaign, and the real story is the narrowing as a result of that," he said.

"That was an occasion where Trump could've just disappeared--he didn't--he held his own."

Krauthammer added that the ongoing WikiLeaks email dumps have "reinforced the impression of a thoroughly corrupt [Clinton] campaign," which has also helped the New Yorker.

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