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In his Talking Points Memo on Wednesday evening, Bill O'Reilly took an in-depth look at the latest Fox News Poll and the state of both Hillary Clinton's and Donald Trump's campaigns.

With 13 days to go until Election Day, Clinton leads Trump 44-41 in Fox' national survey of likely voters.

African-Americans favor Clinton 82 percent to 5 percent: "Where are the other 13 percent?" O'Reilly asked.

O'Reilly added that Trump would need to concentrate on Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

He added that African-American poll figure could spell disaster for Trump if those voters turn out in droves for Clinton "in a state like Pennsylvania", which has sizable African-American populations in places like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg and Chester.

O'Reilly called the state of the race overall is "much closer than [many in] the media believe."

"The fact that Trump is still competing hard and still within striking distance... is kind of amazing...he's been battered...[and his] past behavior has hurt him."

But, O'Reilly said, "the country's in trouble and Secretary Clinton refuses to acknowledge that."

However, if Trump loses, O'Reilly said, "he's going down fighting."

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