Newly released FBI files show President Obama used a pseudonym to exchange emails with then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Brit Hume reported On The Record.

Chief Intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge also reported that Obama may have received emails via Clinton's private email account on his specially-secured BlackBerry phone.

Herridge said Obama's official cell phone both blocks his location and only accepts calls, texts and emails from 'whitelisted' numbers--phone numbers that have been pre-approved by him.

In order for Clinton to be able to get through to Obama on his phone, her number or her private email account would have to be 'whitelisted'.

"Did he receive Clinton emails on his BlackBerry? And if so, when did his team direct the White House Communications Office to accept the email and whitelist it?" she said.

The issue in question is whether he received the emails prior to telling the media in March 2015 that he only recently found out about her use of a private email server.

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