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Warning: if you're afraid of spiders, skip this one! 

A man in Australia captured a jaw-dropping video of an enormous spider carrying a dead mouse.

Jason Womal wrote on Facebook that he was about to leave his home for work when his neighbor asked him if he wanted to see "something cool."

"What's he gonna do with him?" he said in the video.

"Man, that is so cool!"

The Huntsman spider - also known as a giant crab spider - was crawling up and down the wall with a firm grip on the mouse's head.

Womal, from Coppabella in Queensland, later wrote on Facebook that they named the amazingly-strong spider "Hermie."

The video has been viewed 17 MILLION times and generated more than 83,000 comments in just a few days.

"That's it. NEVER going to Australia," one woman wrote.

"I would just move out, ain't no sleeping!" another person commented. 

The Huntsman spider can grow to be 10-12 inches long and uses a venomous bite to disable its prey.

Watch the amazing (or perhaps terrifying) video above.

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