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The suburban Pennsylvania neighborhood home to Republican Senator Patrick Toomey has been hit by spray-painting vandals apparently targeting the legislator for his party affiliation, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

"Look out Toomey and your neo-Nazi Republicans," one message painted in red on the side of a house in the Allentown suburb of Zionsville read.

"Nazi, slavers, rapists, cross-worshippers = GOP" another message says.

Toomey's home, where he lives with his wife and three children, was reportedly not directly affected, according to CBS-3.

The anti-Republican vandalism comes a short time after a North Carolina field office for the Donald Trump campaign and the Republican Party was targeted by an apparent firebombing and spray-painting of similar messages.

Toomey, however, is one of several Republicans who have not officially endorsed Trump.

In a debate this week with Democratic opponent Katie McGinty, a former chief of staff to Gov. Thomas Wolf (D-Pa.), Toomey, 54, repeated his position to moderator Jim Gardner:

"There's a lot of things that concern me a great deal about Donald Trump and I've been very public about it. I have criticized him repeatedly, publicly, because I think he's said some terrible things, I think he's taken some very badly flawed positions.

“I am sickened by this disgusting, politically-inspired hatred. It has no place in a civilized society. My neighbors are wonderful people who deserve much better,” Toomey said in response to the attack, also saying he hopes to see the vandals brought to justice.

McGinty echoed her opponent's sentiment, calling the vandalism "unacceptable".

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