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At a campaign rally in the key area of Broward County, Florida, Hillary Clinton took aim at Donald Trump's statements that he will "keep [us] in suspense" regarding whether he will contest the general election results.

"I do want to get the economy working for everyone--not just those at the top," she said, "and we are going to do that along with other positive changes."

"But we are not going to change the fundamental values that made America the greatest nation in the history of the world," Clinton said.

She pointed to the fact that, despite many citizens calling for him to stay in office, George Washington ceded the role of commander-in-chief to eventual successor John Adams.

"It all started when George Washington refused to become a king. Now, Donald Trump would've probably called him a loser [for doing so]. Instead, that was one of the most important decisions a president has ever made."

"Eight years and it's time to move on--we fought a revolution so we would not have a king--we would not be subjects, we would be independent citizens," Clinton said.

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Trump's Texas Lead Shrinks to 3; Trump Says Media Touting 'Phony Polls'