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Should Hillary Clinton's health be an issue on the campaign trail?

Ed Klein, who's been sounding the alarm on Clinton's health for years, says it should be.

On "Fox & Friends" this morning, Klein claimed that the Democratic presidential nominee is much more sickly than she appears to be in her public appearances.

He relayed that a source told him Clinton had a terrible coughing fit during a recent visit to the White House, leaving President Obama and Michelle Obama very concerned about her health.

"The president and the first lady and a guest started to discuss Hillary's health, and they decided that there was no way that the Hillary that they saw that day was the same Hillary that the public is seeing in the debates and in her rallies," Klein said.

"There's clearly a difference. She was not a well woman in front of them, and suddenly she looks like she's fit as a fiddle when she's in public."

Klein said that's why they decided that Clinton must be on some type of "stimulant" or "booster drug," as Donald Trump suggested at a campaign event earlier this month.

"That's the gossip, but now we have the Oval Office - the president and the first lady - saying they're convinced that she's on something," Klein said.

He added that Clinton suffers not only from "compulsive" coughing fits, but also terrible headaches and trembling hands.

"She has trouble even climbing steps when she's in private in her home."

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