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Republican presidential candiadate Donald Trump likely has the most loyal supporters in the history of politics, Brit Hume said On The Record.

However, if Trump loses the election, can the businessman who built his career on winning see a decline in his brand?

Real Clear Politics editor A.B. Stoddard said his speech at his Doral, Fla. resort is the "happiest [I've] seen him...he loves hotels...he loves talking about the property."

"If he could, he would stay in that world," she said.

National Public Radio's Mara Liasson said Trump's candidacy allowed him to "create a new brand for himself".

"He's the 'alt-' everything--anti-establishment, anti-media, anti-Hillary Clinton--like [Brexit leader] Nigel Farage and [French conservative] Marine Le Pen put together."

"Anecdotally, [reports say] that people are boycotting, but we don't have any data on that."

The panel also discussed whether a Trump loss would result in a decline in his brand on the basis that some say his key political demographic is somewhat contrary to his key hotel guest demographic.

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