Chicago Cubs fans have been waiting forever to see their team play in Major League Baseball's World Series.

The last time they appeared in the contest, Harry Truman was our president--and the last time they won, the first Ford Model-T's had just rolled off the assembly line.

World War II veteran Jim Schlegel is one of those passionate fans who have been waiting for their team's return to the spotlight, Juan Williams reported on The Five.

The 97-year-old saw the Cubs play in their last World Series in 1945, right after he returned home from the war.

Schlegel wanted to go to see this year's game as well, so his granddaughter set up a GoFundMe page to raise the $10,000 ticket price.

Within one day, that goal was reached, but it turned out he did not need to raise the money after all.

Marcus Lemonis, the host of CNBC's 'The Profit,' was searching for the perfect Cubs fan to send to the World Series, and after hearing Schlegel's story, connected with his family and donated two front-row seat tickets to the veteran.

Schlegel will now be attending Friday's game at Wrigley Field in Chicago with his son, thanks to Lemonis.

He will donate the GoFundMe donations to the Purple Heart Foundation to help his fellow veterans.

Schlegel predicts the Cubs will win the 2016 series, ending their 108-year drought.