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The YouTube channel 'Bad Lip Reading' released a hilarious new video depicting Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton engaging in a 'poetry slam', Bret Baier reported on Special Report.

In the video, Hillary Clinton debuts a poem called "Brown Bikini":

We lived our white lie in a red cage that's now gone.

Anger rust and the summer ice,

I couldn't melt in a brown bikini.

Trump 'responded' with his a story of his own, called "My Garden":

It was not good in my garden that year.

It was not good in my garden.

I am not brave. 

I am a merchant. 

My trade was bad for me.

But for my family, and for my fearful son Drake it sure looked like bravery,

But it was not good in my garden that year, 

It was not good in my garden.

What do you think of the candidates' 'artistic talents'? Let us know in the comments below.

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