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Benson: Dem Operatives 'Got Fired Awfully Quickly' for Veritas Tape to be Edited

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. reacted to a new Project Veritas video that accuses Hillary Clinton's campaign of illegally coordinating with an outside group to disrupt Trump rallies.

"These Democrat operatives are some scummy, scummy people," he said, "every time we think we reached the bottom of the sewer with them, we find out we have a long way to go," he said on The Kelly File.

"They're up to eyeballs in corruption--their model to win elections is to cheat, lie and steal. And, if they get caught, they send their minions out to deny."

Liberal radio host Richard Fowler disagreed with Clarke's assertions, calling Project Veritas "a far-right activist group who's known for doctoring videos."

Fowler said the Donald J. Trump Foundation once gave the organization $15,000.

Clarke lamented that the "45 to 47 percent of the population supporting Mrs. Bill Clinton...don't seem to care about this at all."

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