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Fox News judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano reacted Monday to news of a scandal surrounding the FBI's investigation into the compromising of classified information by Hillary Clinton, which involves the wife of an FBI official and the governor of Virginia:

As reported:

A top Clinton ally’s political organization gave nearly a half-million dollars to the campaign of the wife of an FBI official who would go on to help oversee the probe into Hillary Clinton’s email practices – a tangled web that is fueling fresh Republican complaints about the investigation. 

The Wall Street Journal first reported Sunday night on the connections. According to the Journal, finance records show Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s PAC gave $467,500 to Dr. Jill McCabe’s 2015 state Senate campaign. The Virginia Democratic Party spent an additional $207,788 on the campaign, the Journal reported.

McCabe, who ended up losing to Republican incumbent Dick Black, is married to Andrew McCabe – the FBI’s deputy director.

McAuliffe is also a key ally of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

"There are probably 100 FBI agents who worked on the investigation of Mrs. Clinton-- hardworking men and women in field who gathered evidence and interviewed witnesses--...and are furious at the decision not to prosecute her," Napolitano said on The Kelly File.

"They we're denied the right tools, no grand jury, no subpoena, no search warrant--They are the ones who are leaking information to undermine the decision not to prosecute-- to demonstrate that it was not professionally made-- that it was done for political reasons," he said.

Napolitano said the situation was an issue of the "appearance of impropriety...[that] it looks like its fishy."

"How can this guy be the #2 person in the Justice Department when the person providing the money to his wife himself is being investigated by the FBI?" Napolitano said, referring to McAuliffe.

McAuliffe is being investigated by federal agents over campaign contributions.

"He has an interest in that money going to his wife, and when he has an interest in seeing to it that Mrs. Clinton is not indicted, because that disrupts the financial stream to his wife," Napolitano said.

"Do you see how this crowd has degraded the FBI... and degraded the rule of law?"

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