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Townhall editor Guy Benson reacted to the latest Project Veritas undercover video portraying apparent ties between the Clinton campaign and outside groups holding protests in Donald Duck costumes to draw attention to the fact Donald Trump has yet to release his tax returns.

"The underlying issue is was there a crime here, which there may have been," Benson said On the Record.

"We still need more information on that."

Benson reiterated that, under federal election law, coordination with outside groups in such a way is illegal.

"This guy [Robert] Creamer, who's now gone--he and [Scott] Foval are both gone," Benson said. 

Creamer resigned from his role at the DNC after the video was released, and the progressive organization Americans United for Change apparently fired Foval as well.

"If this [video] was totally selectively edited, they seem to fall on their swords or get fired awfully quickly," Benson said.

Creamer, the husband of Illinois Democratic Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, has visited the White House "roughly once per week over the course of the Obama administration," he said.

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