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A new undercover video claims to expose direct links between the Hillary Clinton campaign and outside groups promoting her candidacy, James Rosen reported on Special Report.

The video, from controversial activist James O'Keefe's 'Project Veritas Action', appears to show Democrat operatives discussing involvement in a string of "Donald Duck" protests against Donald Trump: urging the Republican nominee to release his tax returns.

Agitators dressed like Disney's Donald Duck protested at Trump rallies and also confronted supportive Congressmen like New York State's Peter King, Rosen said.

They would often chant statements to the effect of "Donald ducks his taxes" and "Donald, stop ducking" at the Republican's events.

"The Donald Duck agitators, if funded by outside groups but controlled in some measure by the Clinton Campaign or Democratic National Committee, could run afoul of laws that govern public communication against a candidate," Rosen reported.

The videos appear to record operative Robert Creamer--whose DNC contract was severed after his alleged disclosures regarding violence at Trump rallies in a prior Project Veritas video-- saying he assisted in the duck effort.

"In the end, it was the candidate Hillary Clinton...who wanted ducks on the ground, so, by God, we will get ducks on the ground," Creamer says on the tape.

Also allegedly implicated in the protests is an "old Clinton man" known only as "Skalar", who helped orchestrate the "Chicken George" protests against former President George Herbert Walker Bush in 1992.

DNC chairwoman Donna Brazile later intervened in the duck protests after ABC/Disney, the owner of Donald Duck's usage rights, objected.

"So we switched ownership of the duck to Americans United For Change," Creamer says on the video.

Get the full story in James Rosen's report above, and see the Project Veritas video below.

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