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Age is just number for 101-year-old Burnece Walker Brunson.

Last weekend, Brunson served as the co-grand marshal of Tennessee State University's homecoming parade.

Brunson, who was a member of the school's cheerleading team from 1934-1935, busted out her pom poms and showed the current generation of cheerleaders how it's done.

"We didn't do flips and pyramids," she told ABC News. "We just cheered, mostly 'Rah! Rah! Rah!' And that was about it. I didn't do any flipping at all."

The university said that Brunson was honored at several homecoming events and that a scholarship had been created in her name.

"Ms. Brunson's team spirit is real," said Tanya Allen, of the Tennessee State University Cheerleaders Alumni. "We were talking about cheerleading and she said, 'You know, once you're [a] cheerleader,' she says, 'you just have it. That's something you never lose and I just enjoy it.'"

“Tennessee State is in my blood," Brunson told WKRN. "I love this school and I will do whatever it takes to keep coming back.”

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