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As Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump trails Hillary Clinton in key state polling, campaign manager Kellyanne Conway told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday that she sees some good signs in the early-voting returns.

"In places like Iowa and Ohio...we're doing much better than previous candidates in large part because we invested in the absentee ballot/early voting procedures," she said, adding that Trump's recent stop in the Civil War crossroads of Gettysburg helped in that regard, "that nine or ten point plan has some really significant measures with teeth."

Regarding Democrat Hillary Clinton, Conway said, "She's still under 50 [percent] everywhere and she's spent $66 million in ads--mostly negative ads and personal destruction ads against Donald Trump--just in September. So, with all that on the field, we're just starting to increase some of our investments on-the-air."

"The fact that [the margin between the candidates has] been three points, four points, six points is what can turn around in the next two weeks."

"Our path is Florida, Ohio, Iowa [and] North Carolina. You add Nevada...protect Arizona and Georgia...look at New Hampshire and Maine...and then we're also going to visit Colorado, Virginia [and] Pennsylvania," she said.

"This race is not over. Many in the media say it's over for the twelfth time-- they're counting Donald Trump out," Conway, also a Republican pollster, added, "In some of these polls, you're only using a listed sample and you're identifying people that voted... in 2012...and you're not really bringing in people who haven't voted in a long time--the lapsed voters...who are truly enthusiastic about Donald Trump, as an outsider."

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