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Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, Robby Mook, was asked today by Chris Wallace about the continuing fallout from the hacked emails released by WikiLeaks.

Mook was specifically asked about a Jan. 2015 email exchange appearing to show Clinton herself at the center of negotiating a $12 million commitment from the king of Morocco to the Clinton foundation.

The Clinton Global Initiative later held a meeting in Morocco, but Clinton - as the emails showed - eventually decided not to go.

Mook denied that the email exchanges pointed to a "classic pay to play," as Wallace stated it. 

"This was--you can see in those emails--a scheduling matter, and I didn't want her going overseas...before the campaign was kicking off," Mook said, adding he didn't want the trip distracting from her campaign.

Mook then criticized the use of WikiLeaks documents against the Clinton campaign, saying that critics were effectively using information stolen by the Russians and that the Kremlin is trying to influence the election.

Wallace pushed back that the Clinton campaign seized on an apparently "stolen" copy of Donald Trump's 1995 tax returns which were published by the New York Times last month.

"The Trump tax returns were stolen as well and they were mailed to the New York Times. You guys didn't object to that. In fact, you jumped all over it," Wallace pointed out.

"Well, we don't know where those tax returns came from...I don't know how they got to the New York Times," Mook responded.

Watch the full Fox News Sunday interview above.

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