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This week on Justice, Judge Jeanine Pirro said there is a double standard when it comes to criminal accountability for Americans: one for everyday folks, and another for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her allies.

Pirro recounted recent revelations that described an apparent quid pro quo offered by Undersecretary of State Patrick Kennedy to an FBI agent--who later refused the deal--to reclassify an official document that was to be reviewed as part of the investigation into whether Clinton mishandled classified information.

"Kennedy then makes the same offer to the FBI head of counter-intelligence. And when this offer is refused, Kennedy...asks 'will the FBI make a public statement about this?'," Pirro said, "When they told him they will not, he knows the coast is clear--they'll deal with the FBI and DOJ later, but for now, Hillary can publicly lie to all of us."

"The state department--the one that wouldn't allow the inspector general [to execute] oversight, and had no Hillary Clinton information for the press--suggests the FBI is lying [about Kennedy's reported offer]," Pirro said of the situation when Congress became suspicious of possible wrongdoing after the documents were released.

"Others say 'quid pro quo's...are what they do in Washington'," she said, "But not declassifying and destroying top secret information on Benghazi--which is under federal subpoena to be retained and preserved of a pathological liar who is running [for president]?"

"For centuries, Lady Justice, with bandages over her eyes, symbolizes that justice is blind--that it matters not who you are--no one is above the law and no one is below it---tonight, though, there are tears beneath those bandages," she said.

Watch the full clip above, read the transcript below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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And welcome to Justice.

I'm Judge Jeanine Pirro.

Thanks for being with us. 

Donald trump junior will be talking with us live in a moment

First-- my opening statement.

There are two systems of justice in america.  One for everyday americans.  And one for hillary rodham clinton.  Follow me.

March 4th 2015.  A federal preservation subpeona is issued for hillary's benghazi emails.  Mind you, we wouldn't have known she even had any because she lied and said she didnt.  Except a romanian named guccifer hacked her buddy sydney

Blumenthal, a man barack obama would not allow in his state department.  Seems hillary lied to barack too.  The 2 of them emailing classified information about benghazi. 

So begins the mission of top lieutenant under secretary patrick kennedy to declassify hillarys top secret, classified benghazi email of foreign activities of the us including confidential sources on hillary's home brewed server. 

The email that actually started the fbi's criminal investigation.  If his name

Sounds familiar... This is the same patrick kennedy that hillary put in charge of her blue ribbon accountability review board for lessons learned from benghazi.  By the way, already learned from the khobar towers review board,  lessons never implemented by hillary. 

The same patrick kennedy who appointed the clinton pals who then chose not to question hillary the secretary of state. 

Kennedy knows the urgency of destroying this particular email as opposed to thousands of others, so he engages in what some say is an attempt to bribe and others say is a quid pro quo discussion offering the fbi long sought positions overseas in exchange for getting rid of top secret emails.

Curious that our ambassador personally and his staff requested security more than 600 times to protect their lives ..yet kennedy can come up with positions to cover hillary's… career. 

Fbi agents summaries known as 302's say kennedy actually offered a quid pro quo. Fbi positions to declassify and then mark with code 9, which would archive the email in the basement of the department of state-never to be seen again.  The agent -- although he felt pressured--  refused the offer. Kennedy then makes the same offer to  the fbi head of counter intelligence.   And when this offer is refused, kennedy knowing the criminal investigation is already underway  asks- will the fbi make a public statement about this?   When told they will not, he knows the coast is clear.  They'll deal with the fbi and the doj later,but for now hillary can  publicly lie to all of us. 

So now kennedy - one of the darkest characters in the  clinton playbook - and that's saying something folks-skates.   But then the 302's are released.  Congress says wait a minute-that sounds like bribery, obstruction of justice, contempt of congress.  Is it?

The state department-the one that wouldn't allow the inspector general oversight and had no hillary clinton information available to the press -suggests that the fbi is lying.  Really?  Both  agents lying?  - maybe they misunderstood.  By the way, since the state department is willing to say that the fbi got it wrong, do the whole mounty.  How about the fbi director got it wrong when he said she shouldn't be charged?

Others say quid pro quo's, horse trading is what they do in washington. We're just not used to watching them make sausage. Come on.  But not declassifying and destroying top-secret information on benghazi which is under federal subpeona to be retained and preserved of a pathological liar who is running to be commander in chief. 

Others say this is just what they do in dc : no crime

Since when in the history of american criminal justice does one have to announce: 'here ye here ye it is my intent to now commit this crime' before he can be held to account.

And if  there was no intent to prevent congress from knowing, answer this:  why did no one tell congress? Of at least the attempt to bribe federal officials or quid pro quo.  The fbi didn't (which makes me thinkthey knew there would be no charges before they even started…)  kenedy sure as hell didn't. And i spoke with one: trey gowdy, the chair of the select committee on benghazi who told me  no one reached out to tell him that there was an attempt to prevent him and congress from getting the information he had subpeonaed.

Call it what u will. It stinks

It's real simple folks. I've spent three decades fighting for equal rights and equal justice and a level playing field for all. We take pride in this great nation that we are all equal under the law. 

And for centuries lady justice with bandages over her eyes symbolizes that justice is blind. That it matters not who you are. No one is above the law and no

One is below it. Tonight though there are tears beneath those bandages.