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NFL quarterbacks often use "audibles"--or one-word shouts at the line of scrimmage to switch to a specific play at the last second-- in an attempt to adjust to the opposing team's defensive setup.

The 'audibles' are usually unique to each quarterback or team and are used as a kind of code to confound the opposing team.

Playing in London today, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning appeared to have a new 'political' play in his playbook when he lined up--and his choice soon went viral.

"Trump, Trump--Trump, Trump!" Manning can be heard shouting at the line during the Giants' bout with the Los Angeles Rams, the New York Post reported.


Sportscaster Dan Fouts, a former San Diego Chargers quarterback, was calling the game and seemed to confirm, "I think I heard a 'Trump' call."

While New England's Tom Brady is known to be a close friend of the Republican presidential nominee, it remains to be seen why Eli apparently chose to use Trump's name as a new play-call.

Manning's brother, the recently-retired Peyton Manning, was widely-known to regularly use "Omaha, Omaha!" as his choice audible.

Neither Manning has endorsed a presidential candidate.

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