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Donald Trump, Jr. discussed the state of his father's campaign with Judge Jeanine Pirro last night on Justice.

Trump Jr. said his father's new 'contract with America' that the New York businessman laid out in historic Gettysburg on Saturday is an "amazing idea".

"It's something very different," he said.

"One thing this election has shown us is [the electorate] is sick of same-old-same-old in D.C.," Trump Jr. said, "They're...sick of the blatant lies."

"Our Founding Fathers were businesspeople--they didn't envision a lifetime in government; that people...get rich off the backs of Americans."

He said his father's platform will "eliminate" much of that problem, calling his plan for Congressional term limits "creating a way to get some fresh blood" in the legislature.

The general public suffers while "everyone around Washington has gotten rich."

Trump Jr. said many people of all ages and backgrounds have come up to him in public to confide in the 38-year-old that they fully support his father's candidacy.

"There's a real undercurrent here that's not getting picked up in polling. These aren't people that are going to tell pollsters anything," he said.

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