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Lifelong Democrat and vice chair of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump, Brunell Donald-Kyei, discussed the presidential race with Pete Hegseth on Fox & Friends.

Hegseth asked her what she thought of being labeled a "legal terrorist"--for being a Trump voter-- by liberal filmmaker Michael Moore.

"I would say that anyone that votes for Hillary Clinton is aiding and abetting a felon," Donald-Kyei said.

"[They are] aiding and abetting murder of homosexuals," she said, noting that Clinton apparently took money from countries like Saudi Arabia and elsewhere where gay people have been thrown off buildings for illegally being homosexual.

"We know that Hillary has taken money from countries that behead women," she said, "The only thing [Clinton and her surrogates] do is name-call."

"They don't have any record of helping women...or doing anything for blacks and Latinos. She's been lying since Watergate."

Donald-Kyei said Clinton was "the kind of candidate that, after she says 'good morning', you can't believe anything else she says [and] you better go and look [to see] if the sun is shining."

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