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A new video has surfaced that appears to show then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recording a video warning her colleagues about the dangers of insufficient cyber security.

"Protecting our cyber infrastructure and digital networks has to be a matter of national security," Clinton says in the video.

"I think this is a responsibility we all share as Americans, but as state department employees, we have a special duty to guard ourselves and our sensitive information."

On Fox & Friends, Tucker Carlson pointed out the contrast between Clinton's warning and allegations she kept a private email server in the restroom of her Westchester County, N.Y. home.

In the video, Clinton urged her colleagues to "comply with department computing policies and [be] alert for potential threats [which] will help protect all of us."

"Together, we can do our part for the security of the state department, and our country," Clinton said.

The video "feeds the narrative that the rules are for everybody else," Abby Huntsman said.

Watch the full video above and let us know what you think in the comments.

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