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A Texas police officer rescued a young buck who was tied to a tree and an instant bond was formed. 

The Fulshear PD posted the body cam footage of Officer Zieschang on Facebook after the officer went to a home where the deer was tied to a tree in a backyard.

But then a strange thing happened. Rather than dart away from the officer, "Uncle Buck" came right over to him to say hello and thank you. 

"After a few hugs and kisses and most importantly a scratch behind the ears, the grateful Buck walked back to the woods located behind the homes to tell the story of his rescue by the Fulshear Police," the Facebook post stated. 

Then while Zieschang was talking to reporters about the rescue, "Uncle Buck" came back to see him again! The video of that was also shared to the police department's Facebook page. 

Police asked for information on how the deer ended up tied to the tree. They have also said the buck was domesticated and must be relocated to a safer location.

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