The Trump campaign is asking its supporters to keep an eye out for possible cases of voter fraud on Election Day. 

So what are they concerned about specifically? 

On Fox & Friends today Kelly Riddell, The Washington Times deputy opinion editor, shed some light on actual instances of voter fraud - like dead people casting votes - in key swing states. 

In Harrisonburg, Virginia, the FBI and local authorities are investigating after 20 dead people re-registered to vote this year.

Also, a study found more than 1,000 non-citizens in Virginia are registered to vote. Riddell pointed out that the study did not even include Fairfax County and Arlington County, areas of northern Virginia which drive Democrat votes.

In Pennsylvania, Riddell said more than 43,000 voters may be registered twice while the secretary of state there said more than 700 Pennsylvania voters might have cast two ballots in recent elections.

The issue of voter fraud has taken center stage this week after Donald Trump declared at a debate that he will wait until Election Day before deciding whether to accept the election results.

On top of that, Project Veritas has released a video - viewed more than 3.1 million times - showing Democratic operatives apparently talking about taking advantage of lax voter registration policies.

Watch her full analysis above.

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