Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace reflected this morning on what has become the most talked-about moment from Wednesday night's presidential debate. 

Wallace, who has been widely praised for his performance as moderator of the final Donald Trump- Hillary Clinton showdown, was asked by Martha MacCallum what he thought when Trump refused to commit to accepting the election results. 

"I will look at it at the time. ... I'll keep you in suspense," Trump responded to Wallace.

Wallace said he knew the answer was "unprecedented" and would be a big deal. 

"I was the moderator, but I'm also a newsman and I know news when it's being made," he said. 

Wallace said that Al Gore's decision to contest the close results in Florida in 2000 is very different from what Trump is saying now. 

He said he wanted to ask the question because VP nominee Mike Pence said last Sunday he would "absolutely" accept the results of the election, but Trump had kept insisting that the results would be "rigged" against him.

"I thought it was important to put it in the historical context, that we're talking about one of the tenets, one of the strengths of our democracy. You have a hard-fought campaign and then at the end, even if you don't like the results, the loser supports the winner and says there's only one President," he explained.

MacCallum also took a moment to be the first to congratulate Wallace face-to-face on Fox News. 

"What a fantastic job you did the other night. I think it gave us all chills when they announced Chris Wallace of Fox News moderating that debate and you made us all really proud," she said.

Watch the interview above and see more from Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday at 2:00pm and 10:00pm ET on Fox News Channel. Chris will talk to Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway and host a face-off between former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and California Democrat Rep. Xavier Becerra.

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