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A South Carolina man's Facebook video - showing an angelic cloud - has been watched by millions in the past week. 

Cory Hearon took to Facebook to live-stream what he was witnessing, explaining that otherwise no one would believe it was real. 

He shot the video in Camden, South Carolina, a week ago and since then, it's been viewed more than 8 MILLION times.

"Is that not an angel or what? This is blowing my mind," he said, explaining he'd never seen a cloud like that in the sky. 

Hearon said he could even see what looked like a face and that it looked to him like an angel. 

The video was shared 280,000 times, with thousands commenting and thanking him for sharing the image.

"Amazing!!!! God is great thank you for sharing Angel!!" one person wrote.

Check out the amazing video above.

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