Clinton Jokes About Her Health, 'Basket of Adorables', Ted Cruz at Smith Dinner

Trump Draws Boos at Smith Dinner For Political Digs At Hillary

Trump Riffs on His 'Modesty', 'Pardons' Hillary at Alfred Smith Dinner

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said on Hannity that, if Donald Trump stays on-message, he will likely be successful against Hillary Clinton on Election Day.

If Trump focuses on "big ideas, big issues, and big differences with Hillary, the odds are very good that he's going to end up winning this race," Gingrich said.

He called the polls "irrelevant and misleading".

Gingrich questioned whether there would be a sizeable turnout in the African-American community on Election Day: "no one can tell what the turnouts are going to be."

Hannity also asked Gingrich if there might be a "Brexit effect", in which the polls differ greatly from the actual result.

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