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Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban spoke with Neil Cavuto after the final debate, slamming Donald Trump's claim he may not accept the outcome of the election next month.

"When you have a candidate who said they don't believe in the outcome of a presidential election in this country, that's denying democracy," Cuban said.

Cavuto countered, asking whether he felt the same way about former vice president Al Gore, who narrowly lost the 2000 election to George W. Bush.

"Totally different," Cuban said, noting that Gore's legal dispute over the results came after the votes were initially tallied, while Trump has made similar statements with a few weeks to go until final votes are cast.

"What if Vladimir Putin said 'you cannot trust the outcome of the American presidential election--it is rigged.'?" Cuban asked, "How would every single American respond?"

The Pittsburgh-born billionaire said Hillary Clinton would accept the election's outcome without reservation.

"The nominee of the Republican party questioned American democracy," he added.

He also discussed undercover recordings released by controversial investigative journalist James O'Keefe, which purport to show Democrat operatives funding violence at Trump rallies-- calling the revelations "indefensible."

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