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Benghazi hero and Marine Corps veteran John "Tig" Tiegen reacted to Hillary Clinton's remarks at the debate regarding her readiness to serve as commander-in-chief if elected president, on Varney & Co.

Tiegen said he appreciated Donald Trump's debate invitation to Patricia Smith, the mother of Benghazi victim Sean Smith, but wished the discussion on foreign policy included the 2012 attack.

"Benghazi [is] like a small portion of [Clinton's] failures, pretty much as a politician," Tiegen said, "[Trump] didn't really use it as firepower."

Tiegen said Trump appeared to use his invitation to the mothers of Americans killed by illegal immigrants to draw contrast with Clinton, instead of the Benghazi attack, which has been mentioned in prior forums.

Smith's presence at the Las Vegas debate "didn't him" because of that fact, Tiegen said.

He added that he was incensed when Clinton mentioned "being in the situation room" the night of the Bin Laden raid as a mark of her experience:

"I almost yelled out--that was almost like a PR stunt...For six hours the ambassador [to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens] was missing. She calls him a great friend...I would not want her as a friend if she goes home and goes to bed [in that case].

"Her being in that leadership position [as secretary of state], she should've been in the situation room like she was in the Bin Laden raid."

Stevens "didn't donate to the...Clinton Foundation to become ambassador, he worked his way up."

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