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Donald Trump drew repeated boos from the crowd at the Alfred E. Smith dinner in New York when, about halfway through his speech, his self-deprecating humor shifted to being perceptibly critical of Hillary Clinton.

"Hillary Clinton is so corrupt," he said, as some boos emanated from the room, "she was kicked off the Watergate commission. She's been working 30 years and says she can fix [government]."

Trump joked Clinton was at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, "in public, pretending she doesn't hate Catholics. She's not laughing as much, and all the jokes were given ahead to her by Donna Brazile," referencing two WikiLeaks revelations.

He also said he "wasn't sure if Hillary would be here, because maybe the invitation was emailed," or that she found out about the dinner through WikiLeaks.

Referencing her 30 years in public life, he joked that she has "forgotten more things than most of us will ever know."

Trump, however, also drew laughs and chuckles for the first half of his speech.

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