Fox News anchor Chris Wallace did "an incredible job" as moderator of the third and final presidential debate, said Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz. 

Kurtz explained on America's Newsroom that Wallace, whose performance has been applauded across the political spectrum, succeeded in making the exchanges substantive and keeping the discussion on issues voters care about. 

He said Wallace set the tone by leading off with questions about the  Supreme Court, gun control, abortion and immigration before moving to issues like the allegations of sexual misconduct against Donald Trump. 

Kurtz said Wallace stayed fair and balanced by then asking Hillary Clinton about her husband's misconduct with women and about the Clinton Foundation.

"He very cleverly waited to get to what I call the more tabloid-ey portion of the program until the country finally got a drill-down on the issues that affect millions of Americans," said Kurtz. 

Watch the segment above and see more from Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday at 2:00pm ET on Fox News Channel. 

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