Emails hacked and released by WikiLeaks are now shedding light on some of the rejected Clinton campaign slogans. 

84 of them to be exact.

The emails went back and forth in the summer of 2015 before the final slogan - Stronger Together - was selected from the 85-phrase list.

Here's some of the ones that were tossed:

- Putting Fairness First

- She's got your back

- No Quit

- Get Ahead. Stay Ahead

- A stronger America one family at a time

- Your Future. Your Terms

- It's Your Time

- Keep moving

- Unleash opportunity

Ed Henry reported on it this afternoon and also explained the latest WikiLeaks revelations about the Clinton Foundation.

Naturally, this new release led to many Twitter users submitting their own suggestions using #RejectedHillarySlogans...

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