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FAIR AND BALANCED... Don't miss the final presidential debate, moderated by Fox News' Chris Wallace, on Wednesday, October 19th at 9:00pm ET on Fox News Channel!

The final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton airs tonight at 9pm ET on Fox News Channel.

So what topics are most important for the candidates to focus on?

Brunell Donald-Kyei, vice-chair of Diversity Outreach at the National Diversity Coalition for Trump, said on "Fox & Friends" this morning that the economy is far and away the number one issue.

"We’ve got 96 million people out of work," Donald-Kyei said. "In this last eight years, we’ve had billions of dollars going out of the country but no job creation in the last eight years. That’s not just an inner city problem, that is an American problem."

She said that the Republican nominee is "unstoppable" as long as he sticks to the issues Americans care about and stays on topic.

"All Donald Trump needs to do is take these issues - immigration, school choice, making sure that jobs are created, our national debt - go in there, stick to those issues, done, it’s a done deal," Donald-Kyei said.

"He definitely has to personify strength. That’s what we need in our nation. So many people are hopeless and hurting and feel left behind in this last eight years under President Barack Obama. So it’s so important that he get up there and stick to the issues. You got to stay on the issues that matter to America."

Get more insight from the "Fox & Friends" political panel below, and be sure to tune in to the debate on Fox News Channel tonight!

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